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    What is B2SHARE?

    B2SHARE is a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy way for researchers, scientific communities and citizen scientists to store and share small-scale research data from diverse contexts.

    A winning solution to:

    • Store: facilitates research data storage
    • Preserve: guarantees long-term persistence of data
    • Share: allows data, results or ideas to be shared worldwide

    B2SHARE features

    • integrated with the EUDAT collaborative data infrastructure
    • free upload and registration of stable research data
    • data assigned a permanent identifier, which can be retraced to the data owner
    • data owner defines access policy
    • community-specific metadata extensions and user interfaces
    • openly accessible and harvestable metadata
    • representational state transfer application programming interface (REST API) for integration with community sites
    • data integrity ensured by checksum during data ingest
    • professionally managed storage service – no need to worry about hardware or network
    • EUDAT user support
    • monitoring of availability and use


    Who benefits from it?

    B2SHARE is optimized for researchers who:

    • do not have adequate facilities for storing research data with metadata,
    • cannot guarantee long-term persistence of their locally-stored data, and
    • do not have adequate facilities to easily share data, results or ideas with colleagues worldwide.

    The success of this service is based on mutual trust, in that the depositors must be able to rely on the professional management of their data by the service provider, and the service provider rely on the users depositing data with appropriate content.

    Who can use it?

    B2SHARE is open to all researchers and scientists who are affiliated to research institutions, universities as well as to individual researchers (citizen scientists). Researchers who want to deposit research data must register, a requirement for the upload service.

    How can I use it?

    The user documentation and the FAQ describe how to use the B2SHARE service. Educational material (such as screencasts) and a service helpdesk are avaliable. Community managers who want to get more details about this service, please contact support-request.

    What about Costs and Trust?

    The B2SHARE service is free of charge for European scientists and researchers. The service is professionally managed and data is safely preserved via  a backup or replication service, and a disaster recovery plan is available.

    The B2SHARE service will be advanced on top of the existing features:

    • the basic B2SHARE service will be provided by multiple service providers,
    • communities can request a premium service,
    • larger storage capacity for the premium service,
    • service provisioning based on SLAs,
    • users can select their service provider of choice and trust,
    • the B2SAFE repositories will be connected to the safe replication service,
    • sharing data with user groups (extended restricted access),
    • social tagging.

    B2SHARE in the B2 Service Suite